Overweight Twins Become Wrestlers


Twins Become Wrestlers

Billy Leon and Benny Loyd McCrary were not your average twins. The twins were born premature and small. Benny was born by a minute and a half before Billy. They started gaining weight around the age of four, according to Benny. He said, before his death, that they each had the German measles which messed up their pituitary tract. They were taken to a hospital where they were put on a 1,000 calorie per day diet. Even at the low-calorie count, they continued to gain weight. That is when their parents bought a farm – hoping that working would help them to burn calories. That did not do any good either. The twins each weighed 200 pounds by the age of 10. They continued to gain weight and were at 600 pounds each by the age of 16. They both dropped out of high school and left for Texas. There they both found jobs branding cattle.

Professional Tag Team Wrestlers

They grew up to be professional tag team wrestlers. They were promoted as the McGuire twins. They changed their last name because the Japanese announcers could not pronounce their real last name correctly. They reached weights that were extremely unhealthy. Benny reached 814 pounds while his twin weighed 786. 

They Both Had Careers

The twins were born in Hendersonville, North Carolina, on December 7, 1946. As they gained weight, they performed at carnival stunt shows. However, their fame came from their wrestling. The audience was always taken by their finishing move, which they called the “Tupelo Splash.” This involved one of the twins diving belly-first onto a prone opponent. Then they would finish with “The Steamroller.” This involved one twin rolling back and forth over his opponent. 

The Twins’ Uncle Spoke Up After They Died

The boys’ uncle, Rev. Harold McKinnish, said, “Benny and Billy were making good about a bad situation. That was their attitude about life. It wasn’t comfortable for them. Life was unpleasant in a lot of areas, but they learned to deal with it.” 

Life Goes On

The twins traveled around the world as tag team wrestlers. They also rode across the county on their motorcycles while promoting the Honda brand. They traveled for 30 days covering 100 miles per day.

The Twins Pass At Young Ages

Billy died at the age of 32 following a motorcycle accident in Niagara Falls. His twin brother died 21 years later, at age 54, due to heart failure. The twins are buried side by side at a cemetery in Hendersonville. It is believed they have the world’s largest headstone, which measures 13-feet wide.

Together the twins’ weight was more than the average size of eight bodies weighing 200 pounds each.