Young Boy Helps to Raise Money for Children Suffering From Cancer


Matteo Helps Children With Cancer

Matteo Lambert is a hero from Virginia. The young boy has run in 35 races, starting two years ago, in the US and Canada. Matteo has also founded a charity he has named ‘Off the Charts Club’ to carry on with his work.

He stands just a few feet tall. If you see him running down the street, you can’t miss his athletic goggles and his cape as it flies with the wind. He is not a character from a comic book. He is a character known as a hero.

Matteo has accumulated 120 miles in his runs. In doing so, he has raised more than $65,000 to help children as they battle their cancer. His first event was a 5K run, and he continues to add mile after mile.

In June 2017, at the ripe age of 7 years, Matteo ran his first race to raise awareness for people who have prostate cancer. One of those people was his dear grandfather, who was suffering from the disease. The boy finished the race in second place for his age group.

His father, Brandon, told the boy he needed to stay around to get his medal. The boy, without any prompting, turned to his dad and told him it was okay and that they could leave. Young Matteo said, “This isn’t about awards. It’s about helping other people.”

His father said that his son had been an easy child to raise. The boy has always wanted to help less fortunate people.

After the first race, Matteo decided he needed to participate more. His father then connected him with Len Forkas. Forkas is an endurance athlete. He has twice completed a coast-to-coast bicycle race of 3,000 miles called ‘Race Across America.’ He is also the founder of Hopecam, which helps children being treated for cancer to stay connected with their friends at school via online video.

Matteo decided he wanted to help the Hopecam charity to raise money. Last year the boy set a goal of running 62 miles. His love of running enabled him to surpass that quickly, so he increased the target to 100 miles. His goal was to raise $5,000 for Hopecam. He raised the amount by his second race.

Matteo loves to run. He also loves to help people. He has created an excellent example for other children to run in his footsteps. Hopefully, many people will learn about the love and generosity this boy offers to so many different people.