Mary Tyler Moore, Dead at Age 80


Mary Tyler Moore, Turned the World on with Her Smile

Mary Tyler Moore, 80, passed away earlier today at the age of 80. The introduction song to her weekly series, had the line, “…Who could turn the world on with her mile and toss her hat in the air like no other,” was surrounded by her friends and her husband of 33 years, Dr S Robert Levine.

Mary Tyler Moore, an Unforgettable Actress


Aside from her many roles she will always be remembered as Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-66), and Mary Richards on The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-77). She also formed MTM Enterprises with her former husband, Grant Tinker. Together they created landmark shows including: Hill Street Blues, Rhoda, and The Bob Newhart Show. During her last years, aside from her advocacy for juvenile diabetes research, she also worked tirelessly for animal rights.

The beloved actress spent her life battling diabetes. She was a passionate advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The major star had been on a ventilator and had been hospitalized with pneumonia due to complications from her diabetes. Moore had battled a variety of health issues throughout her adult life. In May 2011 she underwent elective surgery to remove a benign tumor of the lining tissue of the brain. She said, “I do have problems with my eyes, one eye in particular, and if I fall, I generally break a bone,” she told The New York Times. She was diagnosed with diabetes at age 33. She told People, in 2009, “I thought I’d have to recline on a chaise the rest of my life. There have been challenges, but I’ve triumphed.”

Her home was in Greenwich, Connecticut where she lived with her husband and their four dogs.