Today is National Margarita Day


National Margarita Day

Why is Margarita Day celebrated today, on February 22, when it could be held on a day when you can travel to the beach and enjoy it while sunning? According to the founder, Todd McCalla, because the month is just a “sad, gray time of year for people, and it’d be worth brightening it up with a margarita.”

McCalla’s Idea Is To Keep It Simple
The margarita founder says to keep the margarita simple. He added, “I abhor high fructose corn syrup and all the garbage chemicals that go into 90% of the commercial mixes sold.” Instead, he thinks the perfect margarita consists of tequila, agave nectar, some Cointreau, and lime served on the rocks with a lightly salted rim.
Margaritas Have Been Around For A While
Although McCalla created the date for recognizing the margarita, the drink has been around since the 1930s or 40s. No one knows the exact date. One of the first recorded stories of a margarita being served was in 1938 by Carlos ‘Danny’ Herrera. He owned the Rancho La Gloria located between Tijuana and Rosarito in Baja, CA. The story goes that he created the drink for the former Ziegfeld dancer Marjorie King. She was allergic to most alcohol except for tequila. Another story goes that it was first served in Galveston, TX, to singer Peggy Lee. It is said that in 1948, Santos Cruz, the head bartender at the legendary Balinese Room, served the singer the drink and named it after the Spanish version of her name, Margarita.
Ingredients Of Most Margaritas
The original margarita, which is still the most popular way it is served, consists of tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup (melted sugar in water), and triple sec (an orange-flavored liqueur). The ingredients are blended and then served on the rocks. The rim of the glass is lightly coated with salt. These ingredients allow you to taste the natural flavors of the tequila. It is not overly sweet, and it is not full of artificial sweeteners you get when using a store-bought margarita mix. Also, it is real sugar and fresh lime juice.
Changes Through The Years
As with most good things, bartenders, and others have made changes to the margarita through the years. There are now a variety of different margarita drinks from which you can choose. Some of these include the pink lemonade, the champagne lemonade, creamsicle margaritas, and strawberry mango margarita. You might also select a blackberry margarita smash, the tropical pineapple margarita slushies, a skinny coconut margarita, a spicy cucumber margarita, or a watermelon margarita. You might even ask your bartender to try one of the latest concoctions as they seem to change the ingredients quite often. Since today is a special margarita day, remember not to drink and drive.