Man Doesn’t Want to be Homeless – Robs Bank


Man Doesn’t Want to be Homeless


Man doesn’t want to be homeless so he robs a bank. Seventy-eight year old Tommy Ray McAdoo, a lifelong criminal, admitted robbing a bank in Reno in order to return to prison. After spending the last few years homeless, cold, and sick he used a steak knife for the robbery so he could return to prison. McAdoo faces 25 years in prison, or more, when he is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court, in Reno, next week, according to AP wire services. McAdoo’s court appointed lawyers  are asking for a sentence of less than five years. They say, “Mr McAdoo’s crime was committed by a gravely ill, homeless man, who after staying out of the system for eight years impulsively decided he need to do something to go back to prison.”

The public defenders, Rene Valladares and Lauren Gorman wrote in court papers, “His health is declining rapidly and with it any risk to the public he could present.” The defenders said that their client “understands that almost any sentence in this case is a death sentence.” Soon after the robbery FBI agents investigating the robbery, at a downtown bank, found the convict eating lunch at a nearby casino. They asked him what he did for a living. He replied, “I used to rob banks.”

McAdoo scribbled a note, on the back of a casino sports betting sheet, demanding money from the bank. Putting the money in a paper grocery sack McAdoo left the bank with $2,731.