London Fashion Week Offers Diversity


London Fashion Week Offers Variety

London Fashion Week offers new street styles with a raw, cool vibe look set to go global. London does crazy imperfection, in the form of gaping seams, exaggerated trailing sleeves and disparate asymmetric styling. When all of these fashions are brought together it turned the perception of ‘fashion’ and ‘beauty’ on its head. Explosive rainbow shades, a scattering of old style handicrafts, fake fur, lace, fringing leather and sequins led to the overall feeling the freedom to uniquely celebrate self-expression is what next season is all about. The London Fashion Week has emphasized that fashion without boundaries is more vital than ever at present.

Roberta Einer Displays in Her Third Season


Roberta Einer has returned for her third season in London. Once again she offers vivid color, detailed print and luxury embellishment. Einer was recently named as the winner of Saks inaugural Emerging Designer Showcase competition. This collection continues her collaboration with Swarovski crystals. Drawing inspiration from the glamor of southern Portugal in the 1940’s, her models moved about lazily in a make-believe tennis court which showcased the designer’s ultra-playful take on femininity. Her edgy style features bold color choices juxtaposed with disparate textural forms and experimental ornamentation.

Chief executive of the British Fashion Council (BFC), Caroline Rush made a political statement, “Fashion week is a really great time to understand the power and influence of our industry as well as our creativity. We hope that you’ll listen as we talk to you about visas, about talent, about tariffs, about frictionless borders, and around IP (intellectual property). Because this is incredibly important to sustain this incredible industry, that contributes US $34.8 billion to the British economy and provides 880,000 jobs.”