Boy Kills His Mother and Brother, Shoots His Father


Levi Norwood, 17, from Midland, VA, has been captured at a Durham Target store in North Carolina after store employees reported a shoplifter, and Norwood was taken into custody. The police also recovered the 2007 Toyota Camry that Norwood apparently had stolen. The search for the young man was intense as he was wanted for the murders of his mother, Jennifer, 34, and his brother, Wyatt, 6. He also wounded his father, Joshua, 37, who is presently in stable condition.

Father Calls Police

When Joshua arrived home, he was confronted by Levi. His son then fired several shots at him. The father struggled to leave the home to call 911. He then called the police and told them after he arrived home and entered his house, he found his wife and young son dead from apparent gunshot wounds. The father was taken by ambulance to the local emergency room. 

Levi’s Facebook Presence

The young man’s cover picture, on Facebook, shows an American flag with a gun and a soldier’s hat and boots with the written words, “Home of the free. Because of the brave.” His postings were old. One was of a Facebook game. He also posted a trailer for the movie “The Purge.” Following that, he wrote, “I hate babies.” There wasn’t any further explanation. Several posts were left on Facebook. One of them was from a man who said he knew the family. He wrote that he saw Levi grow up and described him as a skilled marksman.

Residents Urged To Be Careful

The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office had urged the residents in the area to secure their residences, stay inside their homes, and to take all pets inside the house following the shootings. It was not apparent what the young shooter might do next. The Fauquier County Public Schools also canceled all activities while the search was still ongoing.

Shooter Believed Inside His House

Immediately following the shootings, it was believed that the young man was inside the house. Later in the evening, officers entered the home and realized the boy was not there. They thoroughly searched the home and the property and, when he was not found, they conducted a bloodhound track. The police described the boy as 5’9″, 125 pounds, with short purple hair and brown eyes.

Taken Into Custody

After Norwood was taken into custody, the Virginia officials were notified of his whereabouts. He is currently in custody in Durham and will face a judge to determine the next steps and the extradition process. When he is returned to Virginia, Levi is set to be held in a regional juvenile detention center.

Family In Shock

The family of the two deceased victims is in shock. One family member said that Levi had trouble at home, and she wants to hear his side of the story. His aunt, Victoria Eaton, said, “This is the absolute most unimaginable, unthinkable tragedy that anybody could ever endure. There were difficulties for him at home. It was not easy for him. 

Murdering your mother, brother, and shooting your father accounts for more than “just” difficulties at home.