Laugh and Get Rich Day Every February 8


Laugh and Get Rich Celebrated Today

Laugh and Get Rich Day is celebrated every February 8 – Happy Day! Hopefully, when you got out of bed this morning, you had a big grin on your face. Perhaps you even had an outburst of laughter when you entered the bathroom and looked at yourself in the mirror. Have you ever been forced to contain a laugh, like at church, during a serious family gathering regarding your grandmother’s will, or even at your grandfather’s funeral?

Celebrate! Today is Laugh and Get Rich Day


Actually, today came about with your best interest at heart. Today is about encouraging laughter so that the effects can be felt across all areas of life. It has been proven that laughter can actually be a great form of medicine. If you are in pain, or suffering from chronic illness, laughter can increase the production of endorphins. When these are released it results in a lift in your mood and a decrease in your pain. Try it today!

It is a known fact that you are more creative when you are laughing. Being more creative can offer you ideas and ways to help you be more productive at work. This leads to your boss seeing you as in invaluable player. This leads to a possible bonus or raise in your salary! Keep laughing!