Las Vegas, Nevada – Something for Everyone


Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is considered one of the most exciting cities in the world. It is actually like a big theme park for adults. It is a mixture of being very glamorous, yet it can also be the tackiest place to visit. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the playground for adults is not its usual self due to the coronavirus. This means that all of the places of entertainment for gambling and shows are closed.

Many Places In One

Imagine walking or driving by some of the most famous sights in the world. You can see the Statue of Liberty as well as the Pyramids of Egypt. Take a look at the Eiffel Tower as you approach the canals of Venice. Of course, these are all replicas of the originals, but they are still fascinating to see.

Walking “The Strip”

Las Vegas Boulevard is also called “the strip.” Enter this magical kingdom, and you automatically lose your inhibitions and restraints. You will be invited into the casinos. You will marvel at the hotels, shopping malls, clubs, and numerous other venues offering a variety of concerts and shows. 

Numerous Landmarks and Icons

Many famous weddings take place at the Graceland Chapel. You will also see The Wynn and Mandalay Bay. If you are not into this scene, you can instead enjoy a helicopter ride to see the Grand Canyon. This offers some of the most stunning scenery you have ever seen. The canyon was carved out by nature over a six million year period. However, the Hoover Dam was human-made. You can also include this site during your trip. The man-made Lake Mead is the largest of its kind in the US. You can also take a scenic hot air balloon ride. This is a great way to see the scenery outside of Las Vegas. 

Flying To Las Vegas

You can drive, take a bus, train, or fly to the entertainment city. If you fly, you will land at the Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport. Once you arrive, you have a choice of taking a taxi, limo, or private transfer to your destination. Many of the hotels offer shuttle service from the airport to your hotel. Of course, you will want to get to the hotel as quickly as possible – after all, the slots are waiting for your coins.

There have been some big winners in Las Vegas – there have also been some big losers.