L.A. Police Mistakingly Kill Teenager


L.A. Police Shoot at Pit Bull; Kill Teenager

L.A. Police, attempting to shoot a pit bull, ended up killing a 17-year-old boy. This resulted after a bullet ricocheted off the pavement and struck the boy. The bullet struck Armando Garcia-Muro in the chest. Police reported that the pit bull had bitten one officer’s knee. Garcia-Muro had restrained the dog earlier but it managed to break free again. Aside from Garcia-Muro’s death an officer was also hit in the leg by a bullet fragment, according to investigators.

Sheriff Comments on Shooting


Los Angeles Sheriff Captain Christopher Bergner said the young man’s death was “an extremely, extremely unfortunate incident. Our initial impression was (the deputies) didn’t even see the individual coming from the side of the building.” Cpt Bergner said the dog was an adult male pit bull, weighing approximately 65lb and was five to seven feet away from deputies when they opened fire. After being struck by bullets, the dog retreated, and officers followed to be sure it was contained and unable to attack again. That’s when they discovered the boys’ body, about 30ft behind where the dog had been.

His mother, speaking about her son, said, “He would give his life for anybody…he was a very loving person.” Her son was about to enter his final year of high school.

The dog, which survived the shooting, was later euthanised.