Koalas Enjoy Eating and Sleeping


The Joey Rides Mother’s Back for Six Months

Some people believe the Koala looks like a teddy bear. It is a cute animal, although you will need to travel to Australia if you want to see one. The Koala’s large nose, round ears, and innocent face have made it a very popular animal. It is one of the most popular attractions in Australia. And, in case you are wondering, it is not, in any way, related to the bear family.

Where A Koala Can Be Found

You will find that the Koala spends most of its time in trees. Their firm, clawed feet, provides a perfect space for living in the branches of trees. The creature has two opposing thumbs on their hands. Both their feet and hands have rough pads and claws. This allows them to grab onto the branches of the trees easily. They have two toes, which are fused together, on their feet. They use these to comb their fur. The animals have gray fur with a cream-colored chest. They measure about 1.9 feet by 2.6 feet long and weigh up to 30 pounds. They enjoy the leaves of the Eucalyptus plant. Amazingly, since these leaves contain some moisture, the animal does not need to drink any additional water to survive. The word “Koala” means “no water.” 

A Newborn

When an infant Koala is born, it is called a joey. It immediately climbs up to get inside the mother’s pouch. It is blind and earless, so it uses its strong sense of touch and smell as well as its natural instinct to find its way around. A joey grows and develops in the pouch for nearly six months. When the baby is strong enough, it then rides around on its mother’s back for another six months. It will then get into the pouch only when it is going to eat. The Koalas’ main diet is Eucalyptus leaves. They will only choose the most nutritious and tastiest leaves from the trees where they live. Amazingly, the eucalyptus leaves are very tough. They are also poisonous. However, the Koalas have a long digestive organ called a cecum. This allows the animal to break down the leaves with no harm to their body. 

They Are Known For Sleeping

It is known that Koalas do not have much energy. Therefore, when they are not busy eating their leaves, they enjoy spending their time sleeping. They doze off while in the branches of the tree. These little critters can sleep for up to 18 hours a day. They can feel safe while sleeping as they are protected by law. Their habitat is under threat because 80 percent of the Koalas habitat has been lost to human homes, drought, and bushfires.

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