Happy National Random Acts of Kindness Day


Be Kind Today

Happy National Random Acts of Kindness Day! Today is a special day set aside to encourage people to do good things while being kind to everyone. It is also a day of reminder that kindness has the power to bring people together to create a more compassionate world where all people can work together.

No Act Of Kindness Is Too Small
You can be kind in many different ways. Your act can be small or much larger. For example, you might hold the door open for a person. You can also involve your children with an act of kindness. You might send a letter to a dear friend. Show your kindness to your fellow employees by taking in a box of donuts. If you live near the ocean, you can pick up the litter on the beach. Or, if you are in a line to buy groceries, let someone go in front of you to make their purchases. When you are walking down the street, and you see a parking meter close to running out of time, put in a little change, so the person does not receive a ticket. Best of all, come up with your own acts of kindness.

Background Of The Day
The National Random Acts of Kindness Day was founded in the US in 1995. It was started in New Zealand in 2004 by Josh de Jong. He started the day after finding himself being cut off by several impatient drivers. He then wondered what it might be like if people were reminded to be kind to a stranger. Next, he talked with friends, and other people who wrote letters to government officials, as well as media sites, and the idea became a success. Today the kindness day is celebrated throughout the world. The special day to offer kindness is celebrated on November 13 in some countries. Today, despite what day a country celebrates The World Kindness Movement – has the same meaning everywhere.
What Is Kindness?
If you practice being kind, during each day of the year, you are a friendly, generous, and considerate person. There are even particular words associated with kindness that include care, concern, gentleness, warmth, and affection, to name a few. Some believe that kindness is an interpersonal skill that requires courage and strength. Kindness is the ability to celebrate another person’s success as well as helping a person when s/he is in need. Hopefully, you will show some acts of kindness today and all of your days ahead.