Kim Jong-un Steps Up His Anti-US Message


Kim Jong-un Spreads Hatred

Kim Jong-un steps up his message to his people. It has to do with hatred. It has to do with hating the US and all it stands for. He continues his message that the US wants to destroy North Korea – strangely, the North Koreans have no idea what President Donald Trump looks like. There’s never been one image of Trump published by Kim’s country by the strictly controlled state media – not on television, not in newspapers.
Trump is seen throughout the rest of the world. His picture, or, often his caricature, is plastered everywhere the human eye can see – billboards, newspapers, magazines and TV to name a few. Most North Koreans are familiar with Hillary Clinton but they do not know anything about the present leader of the US.

Trucks with loudspeakers roam through the streets ranting about the US while condemning the country. In fact, this has been more active than usual in recent times, particularly in the capital Pyongyang. Although Kim’s people are used to hearing the constant messages delivered through the loudspeakers, it has been more intense these days. The message often delivers a simple message, “North Korea will do everything it can to defend itself.” A recent newspaper headline in Pyongyang proclaimed that people in the country are “boiling with hatred.”

Perhaps the hatred has grown since Trump announced that further threats from North Korea would be met with “fire and fury.” Kim’s Korean People’s Army says it is “carefully examining” plans to strike the Pacific island of Guam. This, of course, would bring both countries one step closer to war.

Why does North Korea hate the US so much? This goes back to the Korean War between the years of 1950 and 1953. War broke out in 1950 when Kim ll-sung’s North Korean Army crossed the 38th parallel and invaded the South. The following day President Harry Truman said, “if we let Korea down the Soviet(s) will keep right on going and swallow up one (place) after another.”

This led the US to lead a coalition to support South Korea in the fight against the

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communist North, backed by China and the Soviet Union. Millions of lives were claimed by the war and North Korea painted the conflict as an armed uprising against the “imperialist threat” of the US.

The hatred then started growing and, to this day, it continues.