Kim Jong-un Fathers Third Child


Kim Jong-un Fathers Another Child

Kim Jong-Un fathers another child. It is believed that his wife, Ri Sol-Ju gave birth to their third child last February. Ju had dropped out of public view for several months causing speculation as to her whereabouts and her well-being. Since North Korea is a very secretive country few details are released to the public.

The Couple Reportedly Married in 2009

According to intelligence reports from Seoul’s spy agency, Ri and Kim married in 2009. They welcomed their first baby the following year. It is believed that the first child was a boy. Their second child was born in 2013. Dennis Rodman, the former NBA star, visited the country in 2013. He reported that the second child was a little girl named Ju-Ae. Rodman reported that Kim is “a good dad” who has “a good family.” According to South Korean intelligence, it is believed that the recent birth is that of a boy. The exact birthday, like the date of the couple’s marriage and a lot of other information have not been confirmed.

The first lady first visited South Korea in 2005. She was a cheerleader for her country’s squad in the Asian Athletics Championships. South Korean intelligence report that Ri comes from an ordinary family. Her father is involved in academic work and her mother is a doctor.