John Glenn, First American to Orbit the Earth, Dead at 95


A Life in Flight and Politics

John Glenn, first American to orbit the earth, dead at 95, he enjoyed a life in flight and politics. The highly decorated Marine flew 59 combat missions in the South Pacific during World War ll. John Glenn flew 90 combat missions, during the Korean War. He was then the first astronaut to orbit the earth. This was followed by his election to represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate. In 1984 he campaigned for the Democratic primary for the presidential election although he lost. Instead, he continued in the Senate where he served four six-year terms. He once again made history, when at age 77, he returned as an astronaut and became the oldest person to fly in space.


John Glenn was the last surviving member of the original Mercury astronauts. He had been hospitalized in an Ohio State University medical center in Columbus since last week. It was reported that he had been battling health issues the last few years. He had suffered a stroke prior to this. He was remembered by President Obama as a trailblazer. Obama said, “John always had the right stuff, inspiring generations of scientists, engineers, and astronauts…On behalf of a grateful nation, Godspeed, John Glenn.”

President-elect Donald Trump twittered, “Today we lost a great pioneer of air and space in John Glenn. He was a hero and inspired generations of future explorers. He will be missed.”