Ivanka Trump is a “Hit” in Japan


Ivanka Trump a Star in Japan

Ivanka Trump is big in Asia. She is presently in Japan where she was greeted as a celebrity. At least four television stations broadcast her airport arrival live. The Japanese government added an extra day to what’s typically a two-day summit to accommodate the president’s daughter. Tokyo has assembled an all-female police unit to accompany Trump during her stay.

Ivanka Addresses World Assembly for Women Conference

Today Ivanka addressed the World Assembly for Women conference in Tokyo. She discussed her trademark issues of female entrepreneurship and women’s economic advancement. These topics closely align with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who has promoted “Womenomics” agenda aimed at adding women to Japan’s workforce.

As Abe sat nearby Ivanka addressed the group by saying, “Womenomics recognizes the centrality of women, who represent roughly half of our global population, in achieving true economic growth.” In another part of her speech she targeted workplace culture that “fails to treat women with appropriate respect.” She identified “harassment” as a form of this ill treatment which “can never be tolerated.”

Japanese media outlets covering her speech noted that the hall when Ivanka spoke was half-empty. In an attempt to avoid embarrassment a White House official blamed the small turnout on security that delayed attendees’ entrance to the hall. However, reporters on the scene said they did not see evidence of that.

Ivanka Trump will be dining with Abe this evening before she departs Japan tomorrow. This will be a day before her father arrives for his three-day Japan visit.