Iran Deal Might be in Jeopardy


Iran Deal Might be Decided by Congress

Iran deal might be decided by Congress. President Donald Trump announced today that he is declining to certify that the Islamic state is in compliance with the agreement and placing pressure on lawmakers to decide whether to end the deal. The results could see Congress reimposing sanctions on Iran or slapping new conditions on the deal. If lawmakers restore sanctions it would effectively destroy the deal.

World Leaders Say Decision Can Harm US

Although Trump’s cabinet agreed the agreement should be certified, the president disagreed. Leaders around the world said today that the president’s Iran plan could isolate America on the global stage. The leaders said that anything short of the US failing to stand by the nuclear agreement would mean chaos. A Kremlin spokesman, Kimitry Peskov, said, “Such actions will certainly damage the atmosphere of predictability, security, stability and non-proliferation in the entire world.”

Peskov added, “This can seriously worsen the situation around the Iran nuclear deal. Such possible actions of the American side will have very, very, very negative consequences.

Crucial American allies, including Britain, France and Germany, known as the E3, have also warned that even without tearing the deal up, the new policy could isolate the US, strengthen economic rivals like Russia and China, and signal to North Korea that it’s futile to negotiate with the Trump administration.