Senators Play with Their Fidget Spinners, Read Books, and Walk Around During Trial

Impeachment Trial


Will the Republican Senator’s use of the ‘fidget spinner’ bring back its’ popularity causing it to bring in a billion-dollar sales in the toy? Who knows? Sen. Richard Burr started the craze with the Republican senators by bringing in a large supply of the toy and offering them to the senators.

What Is A Fidget Spinner?
The fidget spinner was designed for children and adults and became popular a few years ago. It comes in a variety of colors. It is a rotating device set on ball bearings. It spins for a long period of time once the senator flicks it. The pictures above show the shape as well as the button in the middle which sets off the spinning motion.

Senators Seem To Enjoy The Spinning Action
Sen. Mike Rounds seemed to enjoy spinning his fidget, as did other senators. Rounds said, “They do last for quite a while. Not that it might outlast some of the dissertation we have in there, but it might make the time go a little quicker.” Sen. Rounds was, of course, referring to the trial of President Donald J. Trump. He was referring to the long-days of the trial where the senators must sit, without cell phones or any other electronic devices, and listen to each of the speakers, offering hours of testimony, at the trial. Sen.Tom Cotton had a purple fidget on his desk while Sen. Pat Toomey chose a white fidget.

Senators Choose Other Forms of Entertainment
While President Trump, along with many of his supporters, has referred to the impeachment trial as a sham this does not help the senators at the trial who must sit and listen to hour after hour of testimony. Other senators, such as Sen. Marsha Blackburn have found other ways to pass the time. According to NPR, she was spotted reading a book. Now, this takes some brilliance to be able to absorb her reading while listening to testimony to determine if the president will remain in office, or not. Sen. Rand Paul was observed drawing or tracing what appeared to be a sketch of the US Capitol. Other senators passed their time by standing in the back of the room and others left the chambers for a stroll through the corridors.

Changing Sides
Now that the Democrats have finished their testimony it is time for the Republicans to present starting today. It will be interesting to see how the Democrats bide their time. Will they borrow some of the fidgets? Some will probably choose to walk around while others might read a book. One thing is for sure all of the senators have many, many more hours of sitting in the coming days.