Heaviest Woman, Once Weighing 1,102 Pounds, Passes Away


Heaviest Woman Passes Away

Heaviest Woman, Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, 37, mostly confined to living in her bedroom for 25 years due to her weight, has passed away. Her younger sister, Shaimaa Ahmed told CNN, “Eman didn’t live life as everyone else does. She didn’t enjoy her childhood or youth. She’s been battling with her illness for 36 years.”

Her sister reported that her health got worse after Eman suffered from a stroke two years ago. This impaired her speech and slowed her mobility. Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala initially reported, “Eman is a high-risk patient. She has already suffered a stroke resulting in paralysis of her right arms and leg, she cannot speak, has type 2 diabetes, hypertension, has severe obstructive and restrictive lung disease, gout and is at a very high risk of pulmonary embolism.” Her sister began searching for a solution and found Mumbai-based bariatric surgeon Dr. Lakdawala.

Dr. Lakdawala Cares for Her in India

After fundraising efforts, and making all the arrangements, Eman was soon on her way to India where the doctor would schedule numerous surgeries to help her lose weight. Eman and her family were told it would a number of months before she could return home and that it would take two to three years to bring her body weight under control – the goal was 220 pounds.

Remarkably, the Egyptian woman lost more than 660 pounds while she was in India. She died from complications from other health conditions. Eman suffered from heart disease and kidney dysfunction. Doctors believe a thyroid condition and a rare gene defect caused Eman’s extreme weight gain. Her weight eventually rendered her immobile.

After her passing the doctor sent a tweet, “You shall always remain in my thoughts and prayers. Shall forever remember her smile RIP.