Harry is Asked What it’s Like to be a Prince


Prince Harry Says There is a Lot of Responsibility as Well as Many Privileges in His Position

St Lucian students, in the Caribbean country, asked Prince Harry a number of questions during a question and answer session. One student asked, “What does it feel like to be a prince?” He answered that he does not live in a castle. He also told the group that he will spend his entire life earning the respect of society for the privilege his position and status as grandson of the monarch affords him.


Harry went on to tell the teenage girl, “As a prince you’re born at birth with a natural platform to be able to try and make a difference. So from that perspective I’m very lucky to have a platform to be able to try and make change in the causes that mean a lot to me but also to you guys.”

After officially unveiling a plaque designating the Castries Water Works Reserve and surrounding rain forest at St Lucia’s contribution to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project the prince spoke to the young people.

Prince Harry has his own style, so he told them, after being asked what it feels like to be prince, “Firstly I don’t have a crown or a cape, sorry about that.” The group of teenagers, like usual, displayed their admiration for the prince.