Harry and Meghan Make an Explosive Announcement



Can you imagine what is going on inside the Royal household? Certainly, nothing like we have experienced in our household. We know the situation is near crisis level since the Queen has called for a meeting to attempt to find a “workable solution” to the announcement Harry and Meghan have made that they plan to ‘step back.’

Queen Mother Announces Emergency Meeting

Yes, it is true! The 93-year-old monarch has summoned the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge to work together with the Governments and the Sussex household to come up with “workable solutions.” This is to be done in a matter of days as opposed to weeks. Since ‘governments’ were used, in the plural, it is believed that the Canadian ministers will be involved. 

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Announce Their Plan To “Step Back”

The couple has announced they want to step away from the frontline royal work. They want to spend half their time in the U.K. and half their time in the US. This decision has been labeled as unprecedented in the Modern Royal Family. Emotions have been running rampant from shock to a range of emotions. It is believed the situation is now becoming more constructive. However, the situation, the proposal is complicated. It is happening very quickly, with no one having any inkling about the proposal until the announcement was made.

What Happens To Harry And Meghan?

The discussions will focus on the couple in regards to funding for the couple and their team. Also, the security and protection must be considered. Whether they will have official residences will also be a point of discussion. Another key point will be the roles they will fulfill on behalf of the Queen.

They Want To Carve Out A Progressive New Role

This week the couple revealed their plans to “carve out a progressive new role within this institution.” This was written in a statement on Instagram. They also wrote, “We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent while fully continuing to support Her Majesty The Queen.It is with your encouragement, particularly over the last few years, that we feel prepared to make this adjustment.” The statement continued with a further explanation, particularly including their son and how they want to raise him with an appreciation for the royal tradition. 

Queen Elizabeth Is Obviously Concerned

Soon after Harry and Meghan revealed their plan, Queen Elizabeth responded by saying the conversation is still in “early” stages. Although the discussions have been confirmed to be taking place, insiders said the Queen and members of the royal family were caught off guard by the release of the statement from Harry and Meghan. One authoritative source, asking not to be named, said, “There is a lot of hurt about this.” Less than a month ago, the Queen stripped Prince Andrew of his royal duties over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Harry And Meghan And Their Income

Harry has been upset by some of the situations he has recently faced which has resulted in his ‘pent-up-rage’ against the British tabloid over the treatment of his wife. He and Meghan have also been upset over attacks from the media that the public ‘pays their way.’ Perhaps the couple simply wants to get away from all of these negative feelings, early in their marriage so that they can live a more relaxed, satisfying life. As far as the public supporting their lifestyle, it is reported that Meghan had a net worth of $5 million before her marriage. Celebrity Net Worth puts Harry’s fortune at $40 million. So, although they say they want to be financially independent – $45 million sounds like a whole lot of moolah.

They are young. They are in love. Perhaps they just want to be together to enjoy all life has to give without continually being hunted by the media.