Happy Valentine’s Day, 2017 – A Special Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day – Love and Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone across the globe! This is a day of love and romance originating in Roman tradition. The day has legends associated with a festival along with a believe that birds began to mate (or began to find their mate) on this date. The combined effects of the different legends, beliefs and of course the desire to fulfill the desires of love made this day so popular.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Enter Saint Valentine


Happy Valentines Day! History is not totally clear on this man. It is believed there may have been more than one Saint Valentine. The saint fought endlessly for his beliefs. As a result of preaching his hopes for people to marry it resulted in him being arrested. Church records indicate Valentine’s as one who gave his life for Christ. After being sainted, his feast day became February 14th. It took centuries for people to associate the days with love and romance. Over the next couple of centuries a number of writers included a reference to Valentine’s Day and love in their work. Shakespeare even made note of the day in Hamlet.

By the 1800’s the day expanded to include flowers, candies, love birds, hearts and little loves notes named “valentines.”

Saint Valentine created a day that has spread in countries across all of the continents – and the popularity increases each year.