Happy New Year, Feliz Ano Nuevo, 2020

Berlin has already brought in the New Year

In a few hours, we enter a new year and a new decade on the west coast. The year promises to be very eventful. Just looking at how it will start, with the impeachment trial of the president of the United States, to be followed, later in the year, with the presidential election.

Now we are looking at New Year’s resolutions and, for the younger crowd, partying at the stroke of midnight and beyond. However, there are those of us who would like to celebrate the new year in the quiet comfort of our home. We want to wear our slippers and comfortable clothes. 

The problem is that waiting until midnight causes havoc with our bodies. When it is ready to retire hours earlier, adding those struggles from extra hours of staying awake is difficult.

Some brilliant people took a long nap this afternoon in anticipation of staying up later. Others failed to set their alarm and gained an hour or two by staying in bed later. Some decided to bite the bullet and struggle their way to midnight.

There might be another way that solves everyone’s problem. It’s effortless. You can cozy up in front of your television. Do some channel surfing. Eventually, you will come to a channel that is broadcasting different parties being held in New York City (for those of us living on the east coast). If you can make it until 9:00 pm, you have it made. Have your champagne ready. You can watch the ball drop at Times Square. You can be assured you can celebrate with your glass of champagne, watch the clock as it hits midnight, and listen to Auld Lang Syne as you bring in the new year.

Now, there is also hope for those living on the east coast. Much of Europe has already celebrated New Years’. However, east coasters, you can check the channels and find countries that will be celebrating between now and your bedtime and enjoy the New Year celebration.

Pope Francis has already given his New Year’s homily at the Vatican. He has said, “Build bridges, not walls.” He has also asked that people come close again and listen to each other. Those are beautiful words for this celebration.

Happy New Year!