Happy National Pet Fire Safety Day!


Happy National Pet Fire Safety Day Today


Happy National Pet Fire Safe Day! Today is the special day created by the American Kennel Club in conjunction with ADT Security Services back in 2009. The purpose is to educate pet owners to take steps to prevent fires and plan for unexpected emergencies in a sensible manner.

National Pet Fire Safety Day is observed each year on July 15th. The thinking behind this is that pets need consideration when preparing for unexpected fire emergencies just like we practice fire drills. Also, like fire drills, taking measures now can save both your home and your pet. As a result of this day a number of pet fire safety tips have been prepared for the pet owner.

You should always extinguish open flames. As you know, your little puppy is very curious but not necessarily cautious. Do you know that fires are started by dogs innocently wagging tails and knocking over candles. Or, how about curious kitties. They will paw at sizzling grease, sometimes resulting in setting a kitchen ablaze.

When you are having a romantic evening at home it is better to consider flameless candles for ambiance. Or, use flameless candles during power outages.

Always place your pets leashes and collars near the entrance of your home. When you leave the house place your pets in the main living area to allow for easier rescue.

When the family is home decide which member will be responsible for which pet in case of a fire.

If you haven’t thought about your pet, and what you will do in case of a fire, today is the perfect day to discuss this with your family.





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