Happy Doughnut Day – ‘donut miss out!’


Happy Doughnut Day, 2017

Happy Doughnut Day – today marks the 79th celebration that this day has been celebrated on June 2, or the first Friday of each June, since 1938. The first celebration was held by the Chicago Salvation Army. It was established to raise much-needed funds during the Great Depression as well as to honor the work of World War 1 Salvation Army volunteers who prepared doughnuts and other food for thousands of soldiers. Now few people know the true significance of the day and it has, instead, become a day for businesses to step up and offer free doughnuts (or other pastries) to their customers.

Salvation Army Still Celebrates the Day


The Salvation Army continues to use the first Friday of June to raise money for its social services programs. The fundraiser is greatly needed, considering the group helps more than 25 million people, in need, each year.

It is believed that the inventor of the doughnut was sea-captain Hanson Gregory. He fried blobs of dough on his ship. In 1847 he stuck the blobs on his steering wheel. When he pulled them off, there was a hole in the middle – some say that’s the reason there is a hole in a doughnut. However, history also says the the Dutch settlers in North America invented the doughnut. Others say Gregory’s mother invented the popular pastry.

The word ‘doughnut’ was the original name of the pastry. However, in the early 1900’s the spelling became ‘donut.’

Before they are all eaten and gone, you might want to know that many doughnut shops are giving away free doughnuts today. Some shops require you to buy a beverage, or something else, but, a free doughnut is a free doughnut!