Green Party Files for Recount of Votes in Wisconsin


Green Party Meets Wisconsin Deadline to File for a Recount

Following reports of voting discrepancies, Green Party officials filed for a recount in Wisconsin. They are seeking a deeper investigation into the November 8 election results. President-elect Donald Trump was declared the winner of that state.

According to Wisconsin Green Party co-chairman George Martin they are seeking a “reconciliation of paper records.” This takes the recount one step further as it spurs an investigation into the integrity of the state’s voting system. He said, “This is a process, a first step to examine whether our electoral democracy is working.”


Green Party candidate Jill Stein had hoped to raise a little more than $2 million for the recount. Instead, her Thanksgiving fund raising blitz surpassed $5 million. The party had originally hoped to raise sufficient funds to also have recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Stein told CNN’s John Berman that our voting, “It’s extremely vulnerable. Americans deserve to have confidence in our vote.” She went on to say, “We don’t know, and we think the forensic computer experts have raised serious questions. What we do know is that this was a hack-riddled election, we saw hacks into voter databases, into party databases, into individual email accounts. We know that there were attempts made broadly on state voter databases and we know that we have an election system that relies on a computer system that is wide open to hacks.”

The Wisconsin Elections Board, on late Friday afternoon, said it had received the petition from Stein and the Green Party and “Is preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes.”