Graduation 2021 Some Disappointed People


Graduation 2021

When we are a senior in high school, there is one special day we all look forward to (besides prom! – oh, and the last day of school), and that is graduation day. It has been four years of getting up early in the morning to attend our first class. We have made good friends with different people. We have even connected with some teachers who have become special to us. We pulled our pranks, ditched a class or two, and sent to the office for a reprimand. After years of studying things of interest and other things we could care less about, we earned enough credits to graduate. It is an exciting day to which we look forward.

Graduation 2021 And The Coronavirus

We have all had different experiences since the coronavirus first appeared. People are learning how to cope with many changes in their life. We hesitate before we decide to do something as simple as going to the grocery store. So, as many students looked forward to their graduation, they also realized changes were in the air. They realized they could not stand in the traditional rows, close together, wearing their robe as they marched into the auditorium where they would receive their diploma. Even if they put on a mask, they understood this was not going to be a traditional celebration of graduation 2021. This is not only a disappointment and a “let down” it is also a significant setback to the parents, grandparents, and other family members looking forward to seeing their graduate handed their diploma.

Ways People Are Celebrating Graduation 2021

Some graduates have virtual graduation parties. This can happen via a chat service such as Zoom. Someone must, of course, organize the event. Usually, the “sponsor” chooses the participants. It can be a small gathering of people or a larger group. These sessions are mostly being used for friends to get together while they discuss graduation. However, others have made it large enough where one family might host a small group of friends, ask one or more graduates to act as valedictorian, and invite a faculty member or two to hand out the diplomas. YouTube hosted a virtual graduation. It featured speeches from Barack and Michelle Obama. Following this, some musical artists performed a virtual grad night afterparty. Another popular graduation 2021 ceremony involved people decorating their cars with signs and balloons. The group formed a line of cars, drove through different neighborhoods, honked their horns, and waved to graduates looking out the window or standing in front of their houses. Another favorite activity was joining the family, friends, and fellow graduates to have an outdoor bbq. The group played songs from their high school years, danced, sang songs, and had a great time.

As a graduate, I remember how important this day was to me. I feel disappointed that so many young people will be missing their special graduation 2021.