Fuel Tanker Truck Explodes, More Than 145 People Killed


Fuel Tanker Truck Explodes, Dozens Killed Others Injured

Fuel Tanker Truck Explodes in Karachi, Pakistan. Fuel started leaking from the rig resulting in hundreds of villagers gathering to collect the leaking fuel. Suddenly the truck exploded resulting in more than 150 people killed while more than 100 others were injured in the horrific explosion. Bahawallpur’s Victoria Hospital said it was treating 40 victims. Each of these people suffered severe burns on at least 70 percent of their bodies.

Driver Loses Control of Tanker


The tanker overturned after attempting to make a sharp turn on a national highway after the driver lost control and crashed. Villagers flocked to the scene attempting to collect fuel after residents were informed, via a loudspeaker on top of the local mosque, about the wreckage and fuel.

Aside from the more than 150 people killed at the accident another 140 people were injured. The dead included men, women and children. Many of the bodies were burned beyond recognition according to Rizwan Nasser, head of Punjab province’s rescue services. Forty of these people are in critical condition. It is expected that the toll of deaths and injured will rise. The heat was so intense that it charred more than 30 motorcycles and destroyed eight vehicles.

Jam Sajjad Husain, a spokesperson for the rescue workers service said, “According to the initial reports, somebody tried to light a cigarette, and the spilled fuel caught fire, leading to the tanker’s explosion.”

Firefighters fought the flames for more than two years before successfully extinguishing the blaze.