Man’s Fingernails Grow to an Aggregate Length of Nearly 30 Feet


Talking About Long Fingernails!

Guinness World Records has recorded some amazing “bests” through the years. One of these recordings was for Shridar Chillal. He recorded the longest fingernails on a single hand. The nails had an aggregate length of 29.841 feet.  His longest single nail was his thumbnail, which measured 6.489 feet. The nails were the aggregate length of a London bus. They took the former photographer 66 years to grow.

Nails Are Not Comfortable

Chillal was proud of his world record. However, the nails caused him some difficulties due to their weight. The long nails also caused some disfigurement in his fingers as well as the loss of function in his left hand. Another result was the nerve damage from the weight of the nails, which caused the Indian man to have deafness in his left ear.

Growth Of Nails Started At Age 14

Chillal began growing his nails on his left hand when he was 14. He was inspired to do so after a teacher “told him off” when he accidentally broke one of her very long nails she had grown. She told him he could never understand the kind of care it takes to break a long nail unless he did it himself. 

Nails Were Very Fragile

Chillal reported that his nails were very fragile. He said he had to be very careful not to break one of them when he was sleeping. He stated, “I can’t move much, so every half hour or so, I wake up and move my hand to the other side of the bed.” He said the long nails caused him to have pain all of the time.

Final Ceremony For The Nails

In July 2018, Chillal said goodbye to his lengthy fingernails. During a ceremony at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in New York City, a technician, wearing protective gear, cut the nails during a “nail clipping ceremony.” The cutting took about two minutes. The nails are now on display for everyone to see.

The question is, “why would anyone suffer from the pain and the inconvenience of having such long nails?”



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