Woman Murdered and Skinned, Another Femicide Case in Mexico


Another Femicide in Mexico

Ingrid Escamilla, 25, was found in her home in Mexico City. She was dead. Police said her body had been skinned, and organs were missing from her corpse. Standing nearby, drenched in blood, was her husband, who was arrested for the murder.

Women Protesting Another Femicide  

Yesterday dozens of activists arrived at Mexico’s presidential palace to protest the continued violence against women. Together they chanted, “not one murder more.” They splashed blood-red paint on the palace doors, and other areas, and wrote the words, “femicide state.” They were also protesting the fact that several newspapers published graphic photographs of the mutilated corpse of Escamilla. One protestor also sprayed “INGRID” in tall pink letters on a palace door apparently in tribute to the young, deceased woman. 

Killing Of Mexican Women Continues To Climb

Mexico has an average of 10 women killed each day. Last year saw the largest homicide record to date. Mexico City’s mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that prosecutors would demand the maximum sentence against the alleged perpetrator. She wrote on Twitter that “Femicide is an absolutely condemnable crime. It is appalling when hatred reaches extremes like in the case of Ingrid Escamilla.”

Newspapers Publish Questionable Photos

One of the papers in Mexico, Pasala, posted very graphic photographs of the victim’s body. They were printed on the front page along with the headline, “It was Cupid’s fault.” This, along with other publications, caused outrage from women who found the newspapers to be very insensitive. It has resulted in creating fury from activists in the country. Recently they have been pouring onto the streets, demanding a change in the way cases of violence against women are handled and reported by the various newspapers.

Mexican President Speaks Out

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has also been critical of the media’s response to the killing. The president, who was inside the palace during the demonstration, said, “I’m not burying my head in the sand…The government I represent will always take care of ensuring the safety of women.” However, he did not offer any plans as to how this will be accomplished in the future.

Femicides Have Increased

Alejandro Gertz, Mexico’s Attorney General, said that femicides had increased 137 percent in the last five years.” Statistics reveal that the killing of women on account of their gender, femicide, accounted for 1,006 cases last year compared to 912 the year before. Women’s rights groups argue that too few murders are classified as femicides and that not enough perpetrators are brought to justice. 

People Showing Respect

Many people on social media are showing respect to Escamilla by posting pictures of her alive. This is an attempt to erase the images being published in the newspapers. Other posts are showing her in scenes of natural beauty, such as sunsets and starlit skies.


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