Father Kills Two Sons, Sets House on Fire, Hangs Himself


Father Kills Two Sons, But Why?

Father kills two sons by strangling them. The father, Eric Ringenberg, 33, and his two young sons were found in the basement of his Bloomington home. After strangling his sons Ringenberg then hung himself. The home’s surveillance system captured footage of part of the horrific act.

Hides Phones Before Taking His Own Life

The footage also showed the father hiding all of the family’s cell phones. This included one belonging to his wife. He then set the house on fire. The final act saw the man taking his own life. Pamela Ringenberg, mother of the dead children and wife of the deceased, woke up when the home’s smoke detectors began sounding off. She frantically searched for her babies and barely made it out of the house alive due to the heavy smoke.

Pamela told police she woke up when the smoke detectors started going off. She said she immediately went to get a phone to call 911. When she could not find her phone, to summon help, she decided to search for her family until she was forced from the home. She then ran to her neighbor’s house to seek help. She was taken to an area hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation.

The fire department quickly extinguished the fire in the $250,000 home where they searched for the father and his two sons. All three bodies were found in the basement and they were pronounced dead by the McLean County Coroner’s Office.

Investigators have not released any information pertaining to a possible motive in the case. They spent nearly 36 hours in the home gathering evidence. Why would a father commit such a horrific act?