Facts, How Many Do You Know?



Put on your “thinking cap” and let’s see how many of these facts you can answer. If you have heard of PETA, did you know they once asked the musical group, Pet Shop Boys to change their name? What name did they choose? They wanted their name to become Rescue Shelter Boys – it just doesn’t sound right! Do you remember the Nerf ball? If so, do you know the first sales pitch the company used for promotion? It was “Nerf: You can’t hurt babies or old people!” It is unbelievable, but some cats are allergic to humans – and that’s a fact!

More Facts To Ponder

If you are a Puritan woman, soon to be engaged, you might be given a thimble from your fiance. That’s a fact, and it is a saving in money! When your wedding day arrives, the bottom can be cut off, so it becomes your wedding ring. Do you know the national animal of Scotland? If you guessed “elephant,” you don’t know the fact!. If you said “unicorn,” you are correct. In 1998 a Georgia student was suspended for wearing a Pepsi shirt to school when it was “Coke in Education Day.” If you love drinking your Coke, before leaving for North Korea or Cuba, be aware you cannot buy Coke in those two countries. Do you know this fact?

Two people die every second while four babies are born on Earth every second? What is the world’s largest city? If you guessed Mexico City, that is not correct. If you guessed Tokyo, that is the right answer – 37 million people are living there. Households in New Zealand have more pets than in any other country.

You Are Doing Great With The Facts!

A surprising fact is this: all the ants on Earth weigh as much as all the humans! Sometimes people do not realize how many members are on Facebook. Suppose you combine the U.S., China, and Brazil population, that’s the approximate number of Facebook users. It’s also a fact that some people are making a lot of money from Facebook!

If you are male, you might be related to Genghis Khan – one in every 200 men are related. When you see a panda, wherever you might be in the world, just know it is “on loan” from China. If you ever decide you want to visit the youngest country in the world, you will be visiting South Sudan. The 1933 Double Eagle was a $20 U.S. coin. It sold at auction for more than $7 million. Do you know what two countries use purple in their national flags? You got it – Nicaragua and Dominica. What is the most famous name in the world? Some people say, John, others say, Mary, Jane, or James. However, the name is Muhammad. Approximately 150 million men and boys around the world share this name. If you are still alive today (check your pulse), you are one of the 7 percent of the total number of people who have ever lived. Can you guess how many bacteria are on Earth? If you know the answer, you are brilliant! There is approximately 4 quadrillion quadrillion. The final question is this: Where is the world’s quietest room located? If you say it is at the Microsoft headquarters in Washington State, you are 100 percent correct!

While it was a lot of fun writing these facts, I realized how much I DO NOT know!