Emily Zamourka, From Rags to Riches

Her voice is changing her life.

Emily Zamourka is a homeless Russian singer. She sings in the Los Angeles subways. Along comes music producer Joel Diamond one day, who has been nominated for Grammy awards.

Diamond was so impressed with Emily, after hearing her singing ‘O mio babbino caro’ that he drafted an offer letter to present her. His goal was to make her a success. Emily’s first recording is entitled ‘Paradise.’ Diamond founded the record label, Silver Blue Records in 1973, and the opera singer has been signed to that label. Diamond is also known for creating the music career for David Hasselhoff.

Diamond, born in New Jersey, has 36 Gold and Platinum recordings to his name. He has had more than 54 records hit the Billboard Charts. He is hoping to collaborate with Emily on a classical-EDM crossover.

Diamond first learned about the opera singer after a video was tweeted by the Los Angeles Police department of Emily singing opera in one of the subway stations. The internet went wild for the 52-year-old singer. The video has had more than 974,000 views. The platform users can’t get enough of her amazing, beautiful voice.

Emily was not immediately aware of her viral success. She said she has a simple, basic telephone and it does not have internet service. Then, she said, people started calling her. They would say, “Hey, you are on TV.” At first, she did not understand what they meant by this. She said the warmth she has received from her fans has renewed her strength. She said she would be very grateful to the people helping her to get off of the streets.

Emily moved from Russia to the US more than 20 years ago. She made a living by giving piano and violin lessons. However, one day she became ill. She could not afford any medical care. She ended up homeless. She told ABC 7 that a lot of people have sympathy for her. However, she does not want to become a burden to anyone.

Her dream was to move from Russia to the US and become a singer. When she suffered her illness and other issues, her violin had also been stolen. Someone broke into her apartment and stole it. One thing led to another. She could not pay her bills. She was evicted from her apartment.

The TV program TMZ has arranged a singing performance for Emily at an Italian heritage performance to be held in Los Angeles. So, it looks like her luck is changing as she has the record deal now. Oh, she also has two GoFundMe campaigns. One has raised $32,000, while a second has surpassed $52,000.

Emily is living one of those fairytale stories of going from rags to riches. This is truly a Christmas dream come true.