Eight-Week-Old Charlie Receives New Heart


Eight-Week-Old Charlie Has New Heart

Eight-week-old Charlie Douthwaite, born with half a heart, has received a new heart. He was the youngest person on the UK transplant waiting list. There was a Europe-wide appeal to find the baby a new heart.

Charlie Suffers from Hypoplastic

The baby suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He underwent a nine-hour operation at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital. Tracie Wright, his mother, thanks the donor family for giving Charlie “a second chance at life. They’ve given my baby a second chance at life and for that I’ll be forever grateful.”

The mother said, “It felt like a miracle. His skin color is amazing – before he was so blue all the time now he is peachy and pink. Perfect.”

Tracie said, “They’re such special people (the donor family). It hasn’t quite sunk in that out there somewhere an amazing family gave us that amazing priceless most precious gift that could ever be given, in their darkest time they still thought of someone else. Thank you just doesn’t seem like a big enough word to say to them.”

Open Heart Surgery at Three Days Old

Charlie had already faced one surgery when he was first born. He was faced with open heart surgery when he was three days old. Minutes after the baby was born, he was taken to a different hospital. This was due to Charlie being born with only half-a-heart. The left side of his heart was underdeveloped and not able to function properly. There were also two holes in his heart.

After his first open-heart-surgery, at three days, he then had two cardiac arrests days later.

Charlie is still recovering from receiving his new heart. Doctors report he is responding well. The parents are now assured they can rest in peace, knowing that their son has a new heart and a new chance at life.