Today is “Eat What You Want Day”


Go For It!

We’re all dragging through these days of coronavirus. However, today there is a reason to celebrate. Thanks to Thomas and Ruth Roy today is “Eat What You Want Day.” The husband and wife decided there should be a day of the year when you can eat anything and everything you want. Instead of sticking to a strict diet, or hoping to create a sculpted body, or worrying about calories, cholesterol, and all of the bad foods – today is a day to rejoice! Today is a day to eat what you want!

Weeks Of Deprivation

During the past weeks, many restaurants have been closed as well as the fast-food places. This has caused many of us a bit of anxiety as we longed for our favorite food. So, May 11 is the day to celebrate. If nothing more, it can also be used as a day to show the coronavirus – it does not have complete control over our body!

Go Ahead, Indulge!

Thomas and Ruth realized that our world has become a place where diets have taken control of people who wish to live a healthy life. They also realized that we all have some kind of dish, food, or dessert we love – a dish we stay away from because it is not healthy. Although this is an unofficial holiday, it was established to allow you to have this one day of the year to eat your favorite foods guiltlessly. So, Roy’s said this is the day to pig out on decadent desserts. Stuff your stomach with delicious food. Eat some of those rich, yummy dishes. 

Roy’s Rule

Thomas and Ruth say there is only one rule you must obey. It is, “eat what you want, however you want it, how much you want!” Some people will believe this is a ridiculous idea. Others will think it is a stupid rule. Still, others will think it is a dangerous approach to a healthy body. The answer to all of these is, “Yes!” Even so, isn’t it time to have just a little fun? Um, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake. How about a delicious t-bone steak with a lot of mashed potatoes and gravy? 

Well, it probably is a bit much, but it sure has been fun writing about the possibilities!