Husband Pushes Wife, in Wheelchair, and Dumps Her in a Pond


Husband Dumps Wife

Justice David Lovell said that Peter Dansie, 71, saw his wife, Helen Dansie, 67, from the city of Adelaide, in Australia, as a financial burden. It was learned, during the court proceedings, that Peter had been her care provider and he had been concerned about the cost of various court proceedings over his wife’s finances and his fear that he might “lose control” of her money, the justice added.

An Easter Outing
On Easter Sunday Peter took his wife for what seemed to be a special public garden where they could enjoy nature, the beauty, and their time together. Peter waited until most of the people had left the park and it was becoming dark. Helen was in a wheelchair. She was a former microbiologist and was left disabled following a stroke in the 1990s. She trusted her husband and had no idea of his intentions. It was then that he dumped her into the pond. He then jumped it, to get his clothes wet, so it would look like he tried to save her. However, his wife drowned before his eyes. Justice Lovell said he committed the “ultimate act of domestic violence,” during the court proceedings last December. He pointed out that Peter had left his watch and wallet in the car which showed an “expectation on your part that you would be getting wet that night.” The justice went on to say, “While you deliberately, and with intent to kill, pushed Helen into the pond, exactly how you pushed her in and what occurred after you did that act, I am unable to say.” After he was found guilty he was given leave to appeal the decision.
Peter Has Sexual Desires For Another
During the court proceedings, it was learned that Peter had lost his feelings for Helen. He wanted to chase a sexual relationship with a woman in China. Following the death of his wife their home had been searched. This happened to be the day before he had flight reservations to travel to China. Inside the suitcase, police found he had packed condoms, viagra, sex toys, and lingerie. Perhaps Peter remembers the words of Justice Lovell, “Helen, your loving and devoted wife for over 40 years, had simply become a burden to you…This was a chilling, planned murder of a person whose mistake was to trust you.”