Today is World Down Syndrome Day


Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Today is a special day set aside to raise awareness of a congenital disorder resulting from having an extra 21st chromosome. It is celebrated on the 21st in reference to the extra 21st chromosome. Although it is not a public holiday, it is an official UN observance. Unfortunately, most WDSD celebrations have been canceled, throughout the world today, due to the spreading of the coronavirus.

The 2020 Theme: “We Deside”

This year the theme focuses on “We Deside.” It is the hope that people with Down’s syndrome will have full participation in decision making about matters relating to or affecting their lives. Ir is a basic human right that everyone has effective and meaningful participation in life. 

Chromosome 21

Our genes determine how our body looks and works. They determine our hair color to how we digest our food. In the event, something goes wrong, this can cause a far-reaching effect. Chromosomes are bundles of genes, and our body relies on having just the exact number. The 21st chromosome causes issues, both mentally and physically. 

Lifelong Condition

People who have Down syndrome are affected for life. It is something that cannot be cured. Each person can have many different effects. Some people grow up to be fully independent, while others will need assistance to care for themselves. Most people with Down syndrome have flat noses and small ears. Although their mental abilities vary, most have mild to moderate issues with understanding, reasoning, and thinking. They are capable of learning new skills throughout their entire life; however, they usually take longer to reach important goals, such as developing social skills, talking, and walking. While many do not have other health issues, others suffer from heart problems and may have difficulties with hearing and seeing.

Socks Are A Reminder

A Mismatched pair of socks are often worn on this day to raise awareness of Down syndrome. Socks represent the similarity in shape to chromosomes. Therefore people often wear mismatched, colorful socks to celebrate and support this special day.

Today is a good day to pull out a sock, from your sock drawer, that you cannot find the mate to and pair it with another one you’ve lost.