Donald Trump’s Mother Was From a Humble Background


Mary Anne MacLeod is not often heard about when it comes to President Donald Trump. We often hear about his father, Fred, but seldom does the president mention his mother. When Trump first moved into the White House, it was reported he placed a picture of his father on the table behind his desk. Months later, according to Hope Hicks, he placed a picture of his mother.

The president did tell Martha Stewart that his mother made a great meatloaf. He called her “a wonderful person” and “a great beauty.” Perhaps Mary Trump was a hair model for her son. It is said she wore a theatrically styled and orange-tinted hair. Friends and family members say that Mary MacLeod Trump was a “tight-lipped, conservative, nice, friendly, and pleasant woman.” They called her “polished, proper, and unassuming.”

The mother of Donald Trump was born in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Local historians from the area described the houses in the community as “indescribably filthy.” They were characterized by “human wretchedness.” Mary was the last born of ten children. Her father was a crofter, fisherman, and compulsory officer at his daughter’s school.

Several of Mary’s sisters moved to the United States. She followed them in the early part of 1930 and arrived in New York City one day following her 18th birthday. She declared that she would become a U.S. citizen, which she did on March 10, 1942.. She moved in with an older sister on Long Island. She was employed as a domestic servant for at least four years.

In the 1930s, Mary met Fred Trump while attending a party where he was also a guest. They were married at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church on January 11, 1936. They had a reception, hosting 25 guests, at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan. They went to Atlantic City, New Jersey for a one night honeymoon.

The Trumps had their first child in April 1937. They named the baby girl Maryanne. The following year she gave birth to Frederick. Elizabeth followed in 1942. Donald was born in 1946. Her last child, Robert, was born in 1948. Following his birth, she had an emergency hysterectomy, which she barely survived.

Mary was satisfied to be a housewife. There were times she helped Fred with his real estate business. She would often collect the coins from laundry machines located in the many family-owned apartment buildings. She would collect the coins while driving around in her rose-colored Rolls Royce. The car bore the license plates “MMT.”

Mary Trump also did a lot of volunteer work and became involved in school activities and several charities. She was particularly devoted to causes, including the betterment of people with cerebral palsy and in helping to improve the lives of intellectually disabled adults. Fred and Mary were active in the Salvation Army, the Boy Scouts of America, the Lighthouse for the Blind, and several other organizations.

In her late years, she had osteoporosis. In October 1991, Mary was mugged. She was shopping on Union Turnpike near her home. A 16-year-old boy threw her onto a sidewalk and took the $14 inside her purse. Mrs. Trump suffered from broken ribs, several fractures, facial bruises, a brain hemorrhage, and permanent damage to her sight and hearing.

Fred Trump died at the age of 93 in June 1999. Mary Trump died in August 2000. She was 88. Although she never saw her son sworn in as the president of the United States, he did place his hand on a Bible she gave to him.