Dogs and Mourning is a Sad Situation


Dogs and Mourning

A pet dog can be the most loyal friend you might ever have. When it dies, we experience strong, sad emotions. However, when the master of the dog dies, the animal experiences grief – which leads to a dog in mourning.

If Your Pet Is Grieving 

If the dog’s master becomes sick or is near death, the dog may lovingly want to sit next to the person quietly. The dog may want to protect the master from any dangers, such as a fire in the house. Or, the dog may sit and whine, asking for someone to help the dog’s master. There are other signs your dog may exhibit. Aside from whining, your dog may howl. The pet may pace back and forth. His/her ears most likely will drop. Your pet is sad, and s/he lets you know it.

Dogs and Mourning After The Master Dies

The ASPCA says that two-thirds of dogs show symptoms of separation anxiety following the death of their owner. If your dog is grieving, you might see a difference in the way it is communicating. You need to pay close attention to your pet’s body language. Your pet will probably whine and show signs of depression. S/he may have a loss of appetite. Veterinarian Michael W. Fox said that dogs mourn. He explained that some dogs realize their owner is deceased before the hospital ever calls the family – however, there is little evidence to support this theory. Sarah Wilson, an animal behavior expert, explained that it’s not so much about dogs and mourning but not understanding why their master isn’t around any longer. She said that to the pet, you are their world. They cannot understand death, divorce, or the fact you are no longer around. 

Dogs Do Mourn

One dog in Siberia waited by the roadside for more than a year following his owner’s death. There is no doubt a dog has an unfaltering loyalty. One Japanese dog named Hachiko visited a train station every day for nine years, waiting for his master to arrive on the next train. Spot, another dog, stayed at his owner’s grave for months following the passing of Dave Brack, his owner. Dogs and mourning is a real thing.

Dogs And Mourning Other Dogs

If you had two dogs in your house, and one passed away, the other dog may show signs of depression. Steven Kotler, a writer for “Psychology Today,” told about his dog named Willi. His dog tried to cover up the body of his dog friend named Joey with a blanket. Journalist Andrea Bell shared a picture of her dog Boris, sitting on the graves of the other two dogs they owned who had recently passed away.

There is still a lot we do not know about dog psychology, but it is clear that dogs mourn and feel the loss of a close friend.

Two years ago, I had a friend pass away. His wife thought they would need to have their dog euthanized because he was so sad and depressed. Someone suggested taking the dog to the funeral home. The dog went to the casket, put his paws on the coffin, and looked at the body twice. The dog then lay down on the floor, was calm, and this seemingly satisfied everything in his world.


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