The Terrors of Living in North Korea


The Terrors of Living in North Korea

The terrors of living in North Korea, according to Ji Hyeon-A, as she offered testimony in front of United Nations bosses. She expressed how North Korean officials beat her and fed her only rotten food. She painted a grim picture of the hermit country as she revealed prisoners are sometimes given raw locusts, skinned frogs and rats as food. Ji escaped from North Korea three times.

Dead Prisoners Bodies Given to Guard Dogs for Food

She said the worst thing she witnessed, while in jail, was the inmates’ dead bodies being given to guard dogs for food. The North Korean defector described the country as “a terrifying place and the Kim’s are carrying out a vast massacre and it takes a miracle to survive there.” She said while the people starve to death, without food, Kim Jong-un gorges on expensive imported Swiss cheese and French red wine with no regard for his citizens.

Ji Had an Abortion at Three Months

Ji Hyeon told her story about how she was forced to have an abortion. Her three-month-old unborn baby was aborted and she was denied any medication and had her baby murdered inside her at a local police station. Ji told the UN group, “My first child passed away without ever seeing the world, without any time for me to apologize.” She said, “Pregnant women were forced into harsh labor all day. At night, we heard pregnant mothers screaming and babies died without ever being able to see their mothers.” She noted that mixed-race babies were not allowed.

Ji wrote a poem expressing her fears, sadness, and concerns. It is called, “Is Anyone there?”

“I am scared, is anyone there? I’m here in hell, is anyone there? I scream and yell but no one opens the door. Is anyone there? Please listen to our moans and listen to our pain. Is anyone there? People are dying, my friend is dying. I call out again and again but why don’t you answer. Is anyone there?”