COVID-19 is Causing Deaths Elsewhere, Besides China


COVID-19 Continues

Last week we reported at that the coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, had infected 59,805 people. Today that number has topped 75,000 – 74,000 of those cases are in China. There have been 2,118 deaths reported.
China Continues Quarantine

China has closed travel into and out of Wuhan, the city where the outbreak started. Flights and trains into the city of Wuhan have been suspended. Public transportation in the town has been stopped. The Chinese people are being restricted from traveling to several nearby cities.

Researchers Speak Out

Fei Chen, a Materials scientist from the Wuhan University of Technology, said, “The novel coronavirus is really severe and has spread very fast.” He went on to say, “The street is near empty, and those who do venture out are all wearing surgical masks.” Just like in most other places, people in China are being isolated for 14 days. Due to the lockdown, Fei was forced to cancel a conference he planned to attend in early February. One of his colleagues, Liqiang Mai, was also forced to cancel a conference he planned to attend in Queensland, Australia. He said he is worried about catching the virus and says he and his colleagues are wearing masks when they go outside. Mai said he had planned to invite his parents to visit Wuhan, but it was necessary to cancel those plans. 

World Health Organization Is Helping In China

US health authorities are presently in China, working with a group of international experts to assist in the outbreak. The team, led by the World Health Organization, is working to find answers such as how the disease is transmitted, and the impact that has been made from the measures that China has taken.

Quarantine on Diamond Princess Is Ending

Passengers on the cruise ship, Diamond Princess are being released from quarantine. On Wednesday, 600 passengers had been cleared to depart the vessel while several hundred more are expected to be cleared today. The ship had more than 3,700 passengers and crew members. There were more than 300 Americans aboard the ship. It was placed in quarantine after a one-time passenger later tested positive for COVID-19. Six hundred thirty-four passengers tested positive for the virus. Two of the people who had been aboard the ship have died. Both of the deceased were Japanese nationals. One was a man and the other a woman both in their 80s.

South Korea, France, And Iran Report Deaths

It seems as though South Korea is being hit harder than most other countries outside of China. The country has reported its first death of a person infected with the virus. It also reported 22 new cases bringing South Korea’s total to 104 affected. Malls, restaurants, and streets in Daegu, the fourth largest city, were mostly empty. The number of infected has been traced to a person, having the virus, who attended a local church. The coronavirus has also killed two people in Iran. Six other people and families of the two dead have been put under quarantine. France reported the first death of a person suffering from the virus. France was the first country outside Asia to report a death from the coronavirus.