New Efforts to Fight the Coronavirus in the US


US is Reacting

Just a little more than a month ago reported the numerous outbreaks of the coronavirus, now named the COVID-19 in China. Since then it is becoming a major concern throughout the world. Some are considering it headed to become a pandemic. Today there have been 82,464 cases report. This is up 1,269 from yesterday. There have been 2,807 deaths, up 41 from yesterday. The good news is that 33,140 people have recovered with 2,876 doing so yesterday. The virus has now affected 48 countries which is up seven from yesterday.

Leader of World Health Organization Speaks

Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, leader of the World Health Organization, spoke at a news conference in Geneva about the virus. He said that the world is at a “decisive point in the battle against COVID-19. He said it still has “pandemic potential.” He added, “If you act aggressively now you can contain this virus. The most important thing is to calm down and do the right things.”

The United States And COVID-19

President Trump is attempting to reassure citizens that the government is in control of preventing the spread of the virus following a number of days he has been the target of criticism for not reacting quickly enough. Yesterday, during a news conference he repeatedly played down the danger to the US of a widespread domestic attack. He has been criticized also for his contradictive messages saying the risk is very low in the US. During his news conference, President Trump said, “We’ve had tremendous success, tremendous success beyond what many people would’ve thought. We’re very, very ready for this.” He tried to assure the country that we are at a very low risk and predicted a swift end to the outbreak. 

Administration Does Not Agree

President Trump said, “We could be just one or two people over the next short period of time.” Minutes later Trump’s Health and Services Secretary, Alex Azar, and Principal Deputy Director Anne Schuchat warned Americans to prepare for the number of cases to grow. Azar said, “We can expect to see more cases in the United States. Schuchat added, “We do expect more cases.” Trump said the coronavirus would be gone by April, however, the CDC Director Robert Redfield told Congress he didn’t agree. He said, “It’s prudent to assume this pathogen will be with us for some time to come.”

Trump Puts VP In Charge Of COVID-19

Azar, who “assumed” he was in charge of the virus was blindsided when Trump put Vice President Mike Pence in charge. Several people said that Azar learned of the decision just moments before Trump made the announcement. When the news conference ended Azar walked back to the lectern to clarify that he remained the chairman of the coronavirus task force and had not been demoted. During Azar’s announcement, the president walked out of the room. 

Is Pence The Best Person For This Job?

President Trump said the vice president is the right person for the task of being in charge of the coronavirus because of his experience. The president said, “He’s got a certain talent for this.” However, lawmakers were quick to pounce on Pence’s background with his handling of a major public health crisis during his time as governor of Indiana. The worst HIV outbreak in that state’s history happened during his watch in 2015. Critics blamed Pence, due to his belated response, and his opposition to authorizing a needle-exchange program, for leading to more HIV cases. Two months passed from the start of the outbreak before Pence declared a public state of emergency. Pence did not agree with federal health experts that distributing clean needles was a good idea. Pence said if state lawmakers tried to send him a bill for a needle-exchange program, he would veto it. It was reported, when the cases spiked, that Pence turned to prayer.

A new poll asking the confidence level of how the coronavirus is being presently handled revealed the following:

  • Not confident (57%, 24,199 Votes)
  • Fairly confident (28%, 11,823 Votes)
  • Extremely confident (15%, 6,349 Votes)

If you become sick, with flu-like symptoms, contact the medical profession and follow their directions.