Coronavirus Continues to Hit Hard


One week ago the reported on the coronavirus flu outbreak. We reported that there were more than 600 cases of the disease and that 17 people had died. Aside from China, the US reported the first case of a man, in his 30’s, living in the state of Washington who had the flu. The flu also had been discovered, in very minimal numbers, in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Infected And Deceased Have Risen Dramatically
The more than 700 cases in China has now risen to more than 6,152 people being infected in mainland China. The 17 dead has now taken the lives of at least 132 people. While the coronavirus originated in Wuhan it is spreading across Asia as well as the rest of the world.

Parts of China Are On Partial Lockdown
As the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat, started last Saturday and ends on February 8th, there is grave concern that this will increase the number of cases as many people travel for the celebration. However, many citizens will be forbidden to travel as millions of people face a lockdown. Nearly 60 million people are presently on partial or full lockdown in many Chinese cities.

Presently There Is No Vaccine That Can Be Used
Scientists still do not know a lot about the virus and presently there is no vaccine. However, there has been some progress. Teams of researchers in Hong Kong and Australia have been successful in growing the coronavirus from a sample from a patient. This will provide crucial information to international laboratories. One of the difficult issues to overcome is that a person can be infected yet symptoms may not have appeared in the person’s body. This person can then infect another person not knowing s/he is infected.

What You Can Do
It is important to take the same precautions you take during the flu season. Always cover your mouth and nose when you have a sneeze or cough. Do not have close contact with anyone appearing to have flu symptoms. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Wear a surgical mask when going out in public. Frequently disinfect the surfaces you touch.