God Bless America!


The Attack of the Coronavirus

When was the last time you went to church on Sunday only to find the doors locked? Or, when was the last time you told your child s/he couldn’t go to school as it was closed, and it wasn’t a holiday or vacation period? When was the last time you were told to stay home from work? Up until last week, most of us were living our regular life. Then, last week brought about so many unexpected changes, due to the coronavirus, that none of us were prepared for what to expect.

New Expectations

We were told to stay six feet away from people. We were told to stay inside our house. We were told to stay away from our elderly parents. Then we started seeing changes such as many businesses closing down. People were told they could not go to work unless they held a job that required them to be there, such as nurses, doctors, food workers, and so forth. We were told not to leave our house unless it was something we must do, such as going to see our doctor, go to the grocery store, or, in situations, go for a ride to get out of the house to clear our mind.


Then we learned that our country was most likely facing a recession. Now we hear that we might be headed into a depression. Congress is debating giving most Americans a check for  $1200. Many of us worry about this massive amount of money as our nation is already in significant debt. Then we learn that day trading at the stock market will be halted, starting tomorrow, after stocks fell to the lowest levels ever on record. We wonder what will happen to the airlines as they cancel so many flights to so many countries while passengers cancel their trips, the same for cruise ships, the same for hotels. We’ve learned that nearly all sporting events, concerts, and other activities bringing large groups of people together have been canceled. So many businesses are being forced to close their doors, we wonder if they will ever be able to re-open. So many people cannot go to work to earn a paycheck. How many will lose their homes, lose their cars, lose their sanity? Where will we find ourselves and our country one year from now?

Hospitals, Medical Issues

Then we are told there will not be a sufficient number of hospital beds. There are not enough masks for doctors and medical workers. There are not enough test kits to see if people have the virus. There are not enough ventilators. Senior citizens, who are the most likely to get the virus, hear that there will soon not be enough hospital beds, so when it comes time to choose who will get a hospital bed, that’s something the senior will possibly be denied. Then, the governor of New York tells us that he predicts between 40-80 percent of the people living in New York will develop the coronavirus.

It feels like America is broken. It feels like Americans are scared and nervous as we face the unknown.

God Bless America, land that I love.