The Coronavirus has Infected More Than 10,000 People in the U.S.


Public Transportation

The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world as well as in the US. As of today, there are 10,781 confirmed cases in our country. In addition, there have been 160 deaths. One hundred eight people have recovered from the virus. Worldwide, as of today, there are 230,050 confirmed cases, and 9,386 people have died. A total of 86,256 people have recovered.

First Case In The US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the first case of the virus on January 21, 2020. A man had just returned from a trip to Wuhan, China, where the outbreak first occurred. The man, 35 years of age, is a resident of Washington in an area near Seattle. He became ill the day after he returned home and went to a nearby clinic where he was tested. He was placed in a hospital and isolated after he tested positive. On the day he was diagnosed, there had been a total of at least 17 people who had been killed by the virus.

Try The Elbow Bump

Everyone is being discouraged from shaking hands while the virus runs rampant. Instead, people are sometimes clicking feet or touching the other person’s elbow. Those people who generally offer the loving “hug,” or kisses on the cheek, are being discouraged from doing so, as this is a way to spread the virus.

A Day’s Work

If you are one the people looking forward to going to work each day, there are new guidelines, varying differently from state-to-state and community-to-community that are requiring employees to work at home. Other companies are laying off people. Depending on your situation, if you work at home, you are preventing yourself from exposure to the virus. If you are going to work, you are more easily exposed. To protect yourself, you should put a distance between yourself and your co-workers. When you are going to and leaving work, you should keep a distance from everyone when you are walking. 

Schools Are Being Disrupted

Many school districts in the US have closed for the next few weeks, the next few months, or for the remainder of the school year. It has not been determined how the lost school hours will be made up, if at all, in the future. Some communities are offering online classes. Others are creating classes in an effort to keep students involved with their education.

Going To The Gym

Most health care providers are discouraging people from going to their gym. Instead, they are encouraging people to create a program of exercise that can be done in the home. The gym is a haven for the spread of the disease. This is due to all of the sweat, equipment being touched repeatedly throughout the day, and a closed-in area causing people to exercise close to each other. Some gyms are becoming the model of cleanliness. Others are striving to get members to wipe down their machines and mats.

Public Transportation

You might feel like you are entering a germ factory when you step on a bus, a subway, or any form of public transportation. You will see many people wearing masks and gloves as they deal with the commuting. 

Large Gatherings

Initially, a gathering of people was limited to 5,000 people. Through the days, this number dwindled to much smaller numbers. Some communities are not allowing more than ten people to be together at one time. This has taken a toll on everything from political rallies, concerts, sporting events, church services, and other programs where a large number of people usually gather.

There is an old saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Keep this in mind each day, and do your part to protect us all.