Young People Must Take Precautions Against the Coronavirus


More and More People Head to the Hospital

It is somewhat unfortunate that younger adults were led to believe the coronavirus would not strike them. This is mostly because China initially reported that the elderly and those with health conditions were most vulnerable. The new evidence from Europe and the US are suggesting that younger adults are not invulnerable to the virus.

The Twenties To Forties

Today the twenty-somethings to those in their early forties are falling ill. Many of them are requiring intensive care based on reports from Italy and France. The virus is even more severe for those with other ailments that have not yet been diagnosed. New data is showing that one-fifth of infected people, ages 20-44, have been hospitalized. This includes 2%-4% who require treatment in an intensive care unit. While it is true that the most severe cases, along with the highest rates of death, are among the elderly, the young continue to be at risk.

China Discovers The Young Are Also At Risk

Chinese scientists are studying new data. They have discovered that there are 2,143 cases involving children. Of this number, more than 90% were reported as mild or moderate cases. They have determined that the virus is found less in children because the molecule that allows the virus to enter human cells seems to be less developed in children. They determined that 6% of pediatric cases were severe and even critical, compared to 19% of adult cases. A seeming contradiction to this discovery is the fact that nearly 11% of the COVID-19 cases in infants were severe or critical. 

New Reports From The CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to find that the virus is much deadlier in older people. They are also discovering it hitting more and more young people, healthy people becoming critically ill. Among the first reported cases in the US, about 40% of patients requiring hospitalization ranged in age from 20 to 54. The CDC reports that young people are becoming gravely sick and dying according to the latest information. It is believed that the US will likely see more young people get really sick during the coming weeks. This is because the pandemic continues to grow. Benjamin Singer, an assistant professor at Northwestern University, said, “Even with a lower likelihood of younger people getting critically ill, a certain percentage will get critically ill, and since the denominator is growing and growing these cases are popping up more and more.”

Underlying Health Conditions 

Younger people suffering from underlying health conditions can also make younger people more susceptible to a severe case of the virus. Lee Riley, from the University of California, Berkeley, says, “Where you find severe cases or even death in young people, we don’t really have full information on these patients. It’s possible that some of those people might have had medical conditions that we just don’t know about. Chronic conditions that can affect young people, like diabetes, can make it more difficult for someone to recover from the disease.” Younger people, who feel perfectly healthy, need to take the pandemic seriously because they can spread the virus even if they’re not feeling any symptoms, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He said, “Don’t get the attitude, ‘Well, I’m young. I’m invulnerable. You don’t want to put your loved ones at risk, particularly the ones who are elderly and the ones who have compromised conditions. We can’t do this without the young people cooperating. Please cooperate with us.'”

Young people are the key to the future; however, they are also part of the key to help the elderly to continue their life.