Cori the Dog, Teaches Special Needs Children to Swim


Cori the Dog Has Special Talents

Cori the dog is a great help to children with special needs. She was 16 weeks old the first time she was in a swimming pool. Observers noted that Cori appeared nervous, almost terrified. As time went by the dog started showing an instinct for water rescue. Cori is focused and attentive when kids are in the water. She has a natural tendency to jump in the pool when she hears the splashing of water.

Drowning is the Leading Cause of Death for Ages 1-4

Drowning is the major cause of death for children in the age group from one to four. The danger is much higher for children with special needs, particularly those diagnosed with autism. It is reported that 91 percent of all wandering-related deaths, among autistic children, are due to accidental drowning.

Cori ‘Specializes’ in Special Needs Children

The dog works with groups that teach kids with special needs to swim. The groups report that Cori is an added benefit and provides assistance like only a dog can. They say that the dog is capable of breaking down barriers that instructors and students sometimes face. Some of the children have refused to get in the pool with an instructor – but they are eager to get in with Cori.

Some children who have been taking swim lessons for years without mastering their stroke. Their parents are pleased to see their improvement after just one session with Cori.

We definitely need more Cori’s in this world. Hopefully more programs will look into ‘finding’ a ‘Cori’ to assist children in their swimming programs.