Ronnie and Donnie are the Only Male Conjoined Twins in the World


Conjoined Twins

Ronnie and Donnie Galyon are brothers. However, they are much more than brothers. They are twins. And, one other thing, they are conjoined twins. They’ve never been apart from each other for one second in their 68 years. They are the world’s oldest Siamese twins. They are also the only male Siamese twins alive in the world.

They Were Not Expected To Live

They were born in Dayton, Ohio, to Wesley and Eileen Galyon. She was not expecting twins. The brothers spent two years in the hospital. They were not expected to live. In those days, they could not be separated. Today they could be separated, but neither one wants that. Ronnie said, “The good Lord made us. Let our savior do it. No surgeon’s knives.” And Donnie agrees. They are joined from the sternum to the groin. They have four legs and four arms. They share one navel, one bladder, and one set of male genitalia. 

Father Takes Them On The Road

The couple had nine children to feed and clothe. In order to support the family, they decided to take the twins on the road, and they joined a circus sideshow. They traveled through the US and Latin America. They became celebrities while also earning enough money to support their family. After three decades in the circus, they decided to retire. They moved back to Dayton and purchased a house with money they had earned. They continued to enjoy their show business and appeared on such programs as The Jerry Springer Show. 

Some Of Their Experiences

Their parents tried to send their sons to school. However, their teachers said they caused too much distraction and forbade them from attending school. This led the boys to remain illiterate. Later in life, they attempted to join the army. Once again, they did not succeed, and they were classified as 4-F. Despite their many roadblocks, if you ask the boys today about their experiences, they say they have had a nice life.

Every Day Life

The two have had a lot of experiences. They have played baseball. They have enjoyed their time swimming in a pool. When it comes to personal matters, each one shaves the other after being warned not to ‘cut’ the other. The one compromise they were never able to reach was what TV shows they wanted to watch. So, to solve that problem, they now have their own TV. Through cooperation, compromise, and brotherly love, they have a real connection (no pun intended). Their brother, Jim, has assisted in many of their outings. He takes them wherever they need to go in his van.

Jim’s Wife Also Helps

When it comes to dressing, Jim and his wife usually help the twins. Jim’s wife also makes the brothers their pants. She joins the pants together, so there are four legs and then alters them to fit Ronnie and Donnie. They also have a specially made wheelchair with two seats. When they sit down, they must have two separate chairs. When they tie their shoes, one uses his left hand while the other uses his right to help each other. Jim says his brothers have ‘sharing’ down to a fine art. The twins make deals every day, and they have excellent compromising skills. Despite the fact they are somewhat developmentally delayed this has not prevented them both from living a rich, full life. Through it all, they maintain their positive spirit.

Their Days Are Similar To Other Retirees

Donnie and Ronnie spend their days like most other retired people. First things first, they get ready for the day. They do their laundry. They take care of their house, including the cleaning. They do their own cooking. They don’t like to discuss death, but they both feel comfort in knowing that when one dies, the other will pass away within 24 hours.