Cancrum Ortis Often Strikes Children Under Six


Cancrum Ortis Creates a Devastating Life


Cancrum Ortis is an infection which attacks the facial tissue of its victims. It usually strikes children under the age of six. It is most prevalent in Africa and other poverty-stricken areas. However, the disease has also been in Europe, South America and North America.  It was notably present in the Nazi concentration camps. Aside from the pain and suffering it causes it also has an extremely high fatality rate of 90 percent. The survivors live the remainder of their life with horrible disfigurations.  The infection attacks nearly 140,000 children every year. What happens is the antibodies in the body get confused and turn on the soft tissue in the cheek, mouth and nose.

Noma, another name for Cancrum Ortis, is a rapid progressive disease. Those infected are quickly disabled. They can no longer speak or eat normally. Antibiotics can stop the spread when used immediately when a lesion first appears. However, because they are so expensive they are often unavailable. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are several factors which cause the disease. Some of these include malnutrition or dehydration; poor hygiene; unsafe drinking water, proximity to unkempt livestock; recent illness; measles; smoking and an immunodeficiency disease including AIDS.

The sickness can, in a matter of days, lead to gangrene of the lips, cheeks, tonsils, palate, tongue and even half of the face. It is common for teeth to fall from their sockets. It is a very severe, destructive eroding ulcer of the cheek and lip.  If you are ever around this disease you need to be very aware of the situation. If you believe you have a growth, which might be Noma, it is urgent for you to see a doctor and obtain antibiotics to fight the disease.