How You Can Eat Less on Turkey Day

How You Can Eat Less on Thanksgiving

How you can eat less on Thanksgiving – one of the suggestions offered is to not go to your families’ house. For most of us that is basically not an option so we need to be more realistic. Some statistics show that the average person eats 4,500 calories during the big meal. That’s more than twice the caloric intake for a person for one-full day – all in one meal. For a person on a diet it is about four days of food!

Drink Lots of Water Before Eating

This doesn’t sound like much fun! It’s Thanksgiving, and you’re suppose to fill your stomach with water? Well, it will help you to eat less. If you drink a couple of glasses before you start eating your stomach will feel a little more full so you won’t eat as much food. You’ll sit down at the table feeling less hungry.

You will Eat Less if You Eat Slowly

It doesn’t sound like much fun when you see the mashed potatoes and gravy sitting to your left, turkey to the right, and an assortment of dishes spread all over the table. Experts say you should start your dinner with turkey. The meat will make you feel full more quickly. Next, stack on some potatoes and gravy (remember, we are eating slowly). After you have crammed the rest of the food types on your plate (now your plate looks like you are at an all-you-can-eat restaurant) you should try to take a bite of food, put your fork down on your plate, chew, and don’t pick up your fork for the next load until you have swallowed everything in your mouth (this is also a good time to drink some more water).

Time for Pumpkin Pie

You have been looking at that pumpkin pie since it came out of the oven. You’ve eaten much less than you would normally eat (yeah, right!) so it’s time to reward yourself with a piece of pumpkin pie covered with whipped cream. Once you have finished your pie get up and leave the table. Walk around for a few minutes because you know you are going back to the table to have another piece of pie!

Fortunately, Thanksgiving is just one time per year. Enjoy your meal!